X-ray inspection (RT) film

Do you have an X-ray need? Then let our experts advise you and ask for our services. In the aerospace sector, but also in the military sector, X-ray inspections take place at our location in Friedrichshafen.
For our industrial customers, we are also on the move and inspect, for example, on ships, during power plant inspections or as part of bridge inspections.

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X-ray inspection (RT) film

X-ray inspection is one of the oldest inspection methods for reliably detecting deeper-lying volume defects. Depending on the nature of the component, the radiographic medium varies. Traditionally, X-ray film is used for evaluation.

The basis of the method is the varying penetration force of X-rays depending on the density of a material: X-rays can penetrate the body, be absorbed by the body or be scattered. The X-ray beam emerging from the irradiated workpiece is weakened locally in different ways according to the differences in density. From its intensity, it is possible to infer the density variations within the body.

In this case, the X-ray shadow image is converted with the help of photographic film so that it becomes visible to the human eye. The image shows a picture of the defect and allows a clear statement about the type of defect (cracks, voids pores, etc.). Depending on the density of the base material, voids are shown dark, while inclusions of higher density, such as tungsten or sand in aluminum, are shown light. However, the image does not provide any information about the depth location of a defect within the radiographed body.

In the aerospace sector we are approved according to Nadcap NDT. X-ray inspections are carried out by our inspection personnel, who are qualified and approved according to DIN EN 4719. You too can benefit from our practical experience and have your personnel qualified in our National Board approved training center.

In the industrial sector, our experienced testing personnel qualified according to DIN EN ISO 9712 perform the tests and thus ensure our high requirements according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory.