Magnetic particle testing (MT)

Starting from our three locations in Hamburg, Friedrichshafen and Sankt Augustin, our testing operations take place all over Germany, but also worldwide. Ask for our services. You supply us with the components to be tested - or we come to you on site with our mobile teams.

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Magnetic particle testing (MT)

Cracks or near-surface flaws located on ferromagnetic components can be detected with magnetic particle inspection. Depending on the size of the component to be inspected, a mobile magnetic yoke or solenoid coil is used.

Using suitable magnetization methods, two magnetic fields offset by 90° are introduced one after the other into the test piece. Due to the saturation of the magnetic field, the field lines are forced to form an "air bridge" or "stray field" when the material is separated. This stray field now exerts an attractive force on the fluorescent particles, causing them to adhere to it.

All tests are carried out by experienced testing personnel qualified according to DIN EN ISO 9712. We regularly perform mobile tests on ships, power plants, wind turbines or in the railroad sector.