Connection as responsible level 3 person

It takes several years to train and qualify your own Level 3 person. So that you can still expand your business model, use our Level 3 connection contracts in the meantime. Call us and get to know our experienced Level 3 persons. We'll be happy to assist you.

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Connection as responsible level 3 person

The connection of a responsible level 3 person is an unavoidable requirement of the German Federal Aviation Authority for the supervision of the company-specific approval and for the execution of the non-destructive material testing (NDT).

If a company does not have its own test supervisor, i.e. does not have a level 3 person according to DIN EN 4179 in the respective procedure, we can assist you with our experienced and qualified personnel.

We regularly provide, especially for smaller companies and start-ups, an external connection of a level 3 person in all common NDT procedures such as PT, MT, ET, UT and RT. This person monitors and supervises your in-house level 1 and 2 NDT personnel in the NDT procedures practiced in your company.

Further tasks of our level 3 person are to audit your NDT skilled personnel as well as equipment. The so-called annual review test is part of DIN EN 4179 for the qualification and approval of test personnel. This means that our responsible level 3 person is responsible for checking the suitability and approval of NDT level 1 and 2 personnel and their workplace assessment. This person is also available to advise you on the acquisition of test equipment, test planning and the preparation of test instructions.

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