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If you are looking for welding specialists who can do more than standard welding, then you have come to the right place. We have a special passion for specialties. Our specialists are already looking forward to the dialogue with you.

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Contract welding

MIG, MAG, TIG, FSW: Our expertise is as comprehensive as it is specialized. In addition, we weld a wide variety of material classes to order.

We manufacture individual welded parts or entire welded assemblies according to your requirements. You benefit from a wide selection of welding processes.

Our materials expertise includes the processing of cast and wrought aluminum alloys, high-alloy steels/stainless steels as well as steels that are more demanding in terms of material technology, such as Inconel and Duplex. Whatever your requirements, we will meet your needs and every challenge!

As your welding expert, we also take care of material procurement and advise you on the definition of product parameters.

As an EASA Part 21 G manufacturing company, we are able to produce Form 1 components for you. We have been proving our competence in Nadcap Welding for years. But we have also been very familiar for years with the special requirements from the rail vehicle sector or from defense technology.