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Zeppelin has a long tradition in pickling and other pre-cleaning processes. If you are unsure about the implementation and results, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and look for joint solutions.

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Surface pretreatment

A clean surface is crucial for the test result. From proven cleaning with solvents to alkaline pickling or acid pickling of larger aluminum structures: we have a suitable solution for your components.

The choice of suitable pre-cleaning depends on the material, the component size and geometry, and the nature or degree of contamination of the surface. We clean in accordance with standards or according to customer requirements. Our proven processes include:

- Chemical pre-cleaning

- Cleaning with solvent or cold cleaner

- Cleaning in an ultrasonic bath

- Alkaline pickling or acid pickling of aluminum or aluminum alloys

After drying in a circulating air drying oven, hot water rinsing or compressed air drying, the components are then ready for surface crack testing. It goes without saying that pigment or powder residues are removed completely after the test has been carried out and components are preserved again if desired.

Relevant downloads:

DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 9100, Nadcap NDT, AGBs

Interested industries:

Aerospace, Automotive