Structural inspection

Qualified structural inspectors are rare, especially if they also have to fulfill the additional requirement of a welding engineer. Enter into dialog with us. So far, we have found an appropriate solution for comprehensive structural testing for all our customers.

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Structural inspection

Structural inspection according to DIN 1076 is becoming increasingly important due to an aging stock of bridge and engineering structures. Our expert civil engineers are also welding engineers. This is the only way to justify the complex task.

In order to determine the respective structural condition, the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB) as well as the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport prescribe regular structural inspections according to DIN 1076 for all traffic routes, especially on bridges.

We are a proven partner for the responsible building authorities and for Deutsche Bahn. We regularly inspect structures, especially gantries and welded bridges.

If a suspicious case should arise, we not only inspect with our expert building inspector and with our inspection personnel qualified according to DIN EN ISO 9712, but also accompany maintenance measures and repairs to the end.