On-Wing Inspections

Don't wait until an AOG event occurs. Get in touch with us beforehand and protect yourself. Especially near our homebase (region of Lake Constance, Cities of Cologne and Hamburg) we can help you instantly.

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On-Wing Inspections

If an aircraft has to be grounded for technical reasons, fast and competent assistance is required: To restore the aircraft to airworthiness, Zeppelin performs inspections according to the procedure described by the manufacturer with personnel qualified to aviation standards.

In order to be allowed to carry out the inspections on the aircraft, we are approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority in accordance with EASA Part 145. Our personnel, qualified according to DIN EN 4179 / NAS 410, tests with the required non-destructive testing methods on the direct aviation equipment "On Wing". The test procedures described by the manufacturer are strictly adhered to.

Especially when it is called "Aircraft on Groud" (AOG), we pull out all the stops to restore airworthiness together with you as quickly as possible.

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