Industrial climbing

Do you have an inspection task at an exposed height? Do you need a quick operation without scaffolding, or is the reach of a lifting platform or crane not sufficient? Then ask us. Our selected teams of inspectors climb all year round and look forward to every new challenge.

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Industrial climbing

Rope access techniques, also known as industrial climbing, enable rope-supported work at great heights. This eliminates the need for working platforms or scaffolding during testing operations: Cost and time savings for our customer.

When working at heights of more than 80 meters above ground, only our athletic inspectors who are free from vertigo are used. Every inspector trained in accordance with DIN EN 9172, who also climbs, undergoes additional training in advance at the Fach- und Interessenverband für rosegestützte Arbeitstechniken (FiSAT) and is qualified as a Level 2 height worker.

The application of industrial climbing in the materials testing sector is extremely versatile: inspections of container bridges, chimneys, industrial buildings, wind turbines and converter platforms - from regular annual inspections to accident assessments - it's all there.