Work and equipment inspection

Racks, ladders and steps, rolling doors, lifting gear, PPE, electrical equipment, forklifts, working platforms, construction machinery... The list of work and operating equipment to be regularly inspected is long. Just ask us.

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Work and equipment inspection

Both the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and the regulations of the employers' liability insurance associations (DGUV rules) specify the requirements for the regular testing of work and operating equipment in the company.

While a simple visual and functional inspection before use of the equipment is usually sufficient during the year in accordance with BetrSichV, an inspection by a competent person is required at least once a year for all safety-relevant equipment.

The following work and operating equipment is subject to at least an annual inspection by a competent person:

- Racks (DGUV regulation 108-007 / DIN EN 15635; TRBS 1203)

- Ladders and steps (DGUV Information 208-016, TRBS 1203, TRBS2121-2, DIN EN 131)

- Gates and doors (DGUV Information 208-016, TRBS 1203, TRBS2121-1/-2, DIN EN 131)

- Lifting and load handling equipment (DGUV Rule 100-500, DGUV Principle 309-008, TRBS 1203)

- Personal protective equipment (DGUV regulation 112-198/199, DGUV principle 312-906, TRBS 1203, EN 795, EN 751-1/--2)

- Electrical equipment (DGUV regulation 3)

- Forklifts (TRBS 1203, DGUV regulation 68)

- Lifting and working platforms (DGUV regulation 100-500 / DGUV principle 308-004)

- Construction machinery (BetrSichV, TRBS 1201 & 1203, BGR 500)

All of our qualified persons have provided their proof of expertise according to ArbSchG and are already firmly anchored in occupational safety through their professional training or through their further training, e.g. as a specialist for occupational safety. Therefore, we often perform the work and equipment inspection service directly in combination with technical safety support. Everything from a single source!