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Are you looking for a pragmatic approach to your safety-related supervision? Do you need more than just paperwork, but real care that has a health-promoting effect on all employees in the company? Our occupational safety specialists have a "hands on" mentality and will provide you with all-encompassing support in all aspects of occupational safety and health. Ask for our support.

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Safety-related support

According to the German Occupational Safety Act (ASiG), an employer must efficiently implement accident prevention regulations and findings for improving occupational safety in his company. He receives support from the specialists for occupational safety.

The minimum number of hours of basic supervision to be provided by an occupational safety specialist in a company depends on the number of employees as well as the type of operation and thus on the hazards associated with the employees in the company.

If you do not have your own FaSi employed in the company, you are obliged to appoint an external FaSi.

Our FaSi live and breathe "safety" and not only advise you on the implementation of comprehensive occupational health and safety and the installation of accident prevention measures, but also support you with proven and pragmatic solutions.

They support you, for example, in

- the planning, execution and maintenance of plant facilities and of social and sanitary facilities,

- the procurement of technical work equipment and the introduction of work procedures and working materials,

- the selection and testing of personal protective equipment,

- the design of workplaces, work processes, the working environment and other ergonomic issues,

- the assessment of working conditions

- safety inspections of plant and equipment, especially before they are put into operation.

In terms of their safety expertise, FaSis are not subject to directives and are an integral part of your occupational safety committee (ASA). In addition, our FaSis are available to provide further specific support, help you carry out annual instruction and are available to assist you with recurring equipment inspections both in your company and on your construction sites.