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We support you professionally and pragmatically in the implementation of the legally required and reasonable services. We will gladly take over the service as SiGeKo or Health & Safety Manager for your projects in the industrial and construction sector. Please contact us.

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Safety Coordinator - SiGeKo

According to the Ordinance on Safety and Health on Construction Sites (BaustellV), if employees of several employers are working on a construction site, a safety coordinator (SiGeKo) must be appointed by the client for the planning and execution phase.

If you do not meet the requirements yourself, we are your partner of choice: Our SiGeKos have in-depth construction and occupational safety knowledge and are very familiar with the safety and health risks on construction sites. Many can draw on experience as site managers or skilled workers with assembly knowledge and are stringent in their judgment and implementation of measures, especially when danger is imminent.

Safety on the construction site is a legal requirement and an essential factor for the economic and sustainable completion of your project.

Our qualifications

   - All our employees are qualified as safety and health coordinators.

   - We fulfill all requirements from the construction site ordinance and the RAB30 guideline.