Leak Test (LT)

The so-called "Soap Bubble Test" is widely used in industry. However, if high leak tightness is required, there is no way around a helium leak test. Please contact us.

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Leak Test (LT)

In order to detect the smallest leaks in vessels, tanks, heat exchangers or other plant components, helium is the preferred test gas for industrial leak detection.

Using helium leak detection and other leak tests, our specially trained testers detect the finest leaks in vessels, tanks, heat exchangers and industrial plant components. Helium leak detection is used in tank bottom testing, testing of heat exchangers, valves, closures and insulators.

Leak detection or leak testing is carried out in two methods, depending on the requirements: in a vacuum test or as a so-called sniff test. Leak rates of up to 5 x 10-4 cm³/sec are detected.