Dye penetrant testing (PT)

Zeppelin offers dye penetrant testing based on a component drawing or sample part via a unit price. For projects at your site or on your construction site, you will receive a guideline price offer on an hourly basis with flat rates for travel to and from the site. Invoicing will then be based on time and effort. We would also be happy to send you our standard price list. We look forward to your inquiry.

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Dye penetrant testing (PT)

Dye penetrant testing can be used as a so-called red-white test on all non-absorbent materials that have a defect open to the surface. As an easy-to-apply method, it is primarily used for mobile applications.

In dye penetrant testing (PT), a red liquid is applied to the component or area to be tested and penetrates the smallest cracks. After cleaning the surfaces, tiny particles of paint remain in the cracks, which are then evaluated by the trained tester. Zeppelin inspection personnel, qualified and certified to DIN EN ISO 9712, can set out from three locations for mobile assignments throughout Germany.