Tactile 3D measurement technology

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Tactile 3D measurement technology

Tactile measurement is widely regarded as the most precise measurement method on the market. To map the geometry of a component, probes travel over the component point by point and measure the straightness, roundness and flatness of lines and surfaces.

The achievable accuracies are in the 10-3 mm range. A target/actual comparison with the drawing specifications is used to make statements about the symmetry, angles, fits and parallelism of the measured component.

We have been your reliable partner for tactile measurement technology for more than 20 years. We use different sizes of Karl Zeiss coordinate measuring machines in our air-conditioned rooms.

Besides the measurement of prototypes and single products, we are your partner when it comes to small, medium and large series. We undertake contract measurement orders, such as measurement against the data set provided by you.