Optical 3D metrology

The range of applications for optical 3D measurement technology is just as wide as the system itself is flexible. There is almost no component that cannot be optically scanned.

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Optical 3D metrology

The measurement is carried out efficiently and without contact. The optical sensors of the measuring system scan the component both stationary in the laboratory or alternatively on site at the customer. This makes optical metrology much more flexible than tactile metrology.

Sensitive surfaces are not damaged by the non-contact measurement. The measuring sensor records all surface areas of the component. If a component has to be moved for complete scanning, the measuring software transforms the individual measurements into a coordinate system so that data is output as a complete measurement.

Due to their speed, optical measuring systems are increasingly being used in incoming goods inspection.

A special field of application for optical 3D metrology is the false color comparison: With this, dimensional deviations compared to the CAD drawing are made visible at a glance and allow a targeted analysis and correction of deviations.

Zeppelin's metrology engineers have been using the ATOS measuring system series 3D scanner in combination with GOM Inspect software for years and have gained a high level of confidence and expertise in scanning a wide range of applications.