Metallurgical examination

Metallurgical examinations help to understand the causes of defects and imperfections faster and better. Contact us if you do not want to remain on the surface with your investigations.

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Metallurgical examination

In this type of destructive materials testing, the component is cut open or ground at the point to be tested, or samples are taken. In this way, metallic microstructures of materials can be evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively.

The first step in systematic metallography is a macroscopic examination. During the examination with the naked eye, an initial look is taken at details. It is thereby ensured that nothing significant is overlooked.

In microscopic examination, specimens are examined in the unetched or etched state using a light microscope. This is done with a magnification of up to 1000x. In this way, the specimen can be examined in detail for the smallest defects.

Zeppelin specializes in weld seam inspections for process control.