Hardness testing (HV, HB, HRC)

Verification of workpiece-specific surface hardnesses. With Zeppelin, you play it safe. We test according to your specifications or select the appropriate method for your application. Please contact us!

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Hardness testing (HV, HB, HRC)

The hardness of a material is defined as indentation strength and is determined by measuring the indentation depth with a defined indenter and force. The following applies: the smaller the indentation by the indenter, the harder the material.

The best-known hardness testing methods are Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB) and Rockwell (HRC); the methods differ in the indentor, the load applied, the type of evaluation, but above all in the range of application.

While Rockwell is the simplest and most accurate test method for standard applications, the Vickers test method is particularly suitable for testing thin-walled and surface-hardened workpieces, and the Brinell test method is particularly suitable for testing workpieces with coarse surfaces, such as castings and forgings.

Testing is usually carried out under laboratory conditions, but in most cases the tests can also be performed on site using hand-held equipment.