Welding consulting

When it is said: "A component like this has never been welded before", then things get interesting. Then you've come to the right place. Ask for our expertise.

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Welding consulting

Welding consulting starts with the design. But also usable welding processes, materials, geometries and surfaces become more and more challenging, so that pioneering work has to be done again and again.

This is certainly due to our tradition and experience in airship construction, but also to our unbroken passion to constantly face new welding challenges.

We support you in the selection of the welding process, advise you in the determination of the welding sequence, construct the suitable welding fixture for you, prepare the appropriate welding or repair instructions for you and take care of a comprehensive welder qualification.

Aluminum direct current welding (AGL), submerged arc welding (UP) or friction stir welding (FSW), for every special application there is also a special welding process.

Our welding engineers and specialists are particularly familiar with the requirements of the aerospace sector but also from the railroad sector, but will also be happy to support you with special applications from other industries.