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Do you need help with supplier audits? Contact us. Our experts and assessors carry out the audits according to the required standard, according to your requirements and, of course, always in your interest.

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Supplier audits

An accredited or certified company must ensure that externally provided processes, products and services meet the respective (quality) requirements. This is done most efficiently through regular supplier audits.

In a supplier audit, it is examined whether systems, processes or products at the supplier meet the required standards and whether these are adhered to. Systematic errors and negative effects on the product or performance can be identified more quickly. Supply chains are thus made more resilient and secure.

As a company monitored and accredited by the PRI (Performance Review Institute) and the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body), we have decades of accumulated knowledge in implementing our own management systems and monitoring them through audits.

Particularly in the sensitive aerospace sector, we are available with our experts and level 3 personnel to conduct supplier audits on behalf of our customers. We look closely and know from experience where the neuralgic points are.