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Power Plant Construction

Energy in transition. Whether you are an energy supplier, power plant operator, refinery, LNG terminal, coal-fired power plant or nuclear power plant, we can support you in new construction as well as in regular maintenance and inspection work on your existing plants.

Zeppelin is your reliable partner when it comes to providing inspectors with power plant experience. For energy suppliers, we have a lot to offer: As a DAkkS testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN 17025, we provide testing personnel experienced according to DIN EN 9712 and thus accompany the testing activities that arise during the life cycle of any power plant or large-scale plant. It goes without saying that we are available to you with proof of suitability in accordance with KTA 1401 for work in nuclear facilities. Our inspection personnel are very familiar with the demanding requirements for occupational safety and documentation in power plants.

Where access is difficult due to height, our climbing teams are always at work.

In the utility sector, our inspection teams regularly inspect in the district heating or gas supply area and provide safety before the pipelines are (re)connected to the grid.

On power plant construction sites, occupational safety is a topic: here, you and your subcontractors are always safely supervised by our SiGeKos or our experienced trainers.