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Customers from the wind power industry, both in the field of onshore and offshore wind turbines, transformer platforms or power lines, benefit from our experienced inspectors. The assignments take place throughout Germany, Europe and of course worldwide.

The larger and older the turbines become, the more the safety requirements for wind turbines increase.

One of the biggest safety factors is to detect pre-damage or damage at an early stage. If the turbine is still on the ground, this is not a problem. But what if it is already in operation?

You are not afraid of heights? No problem, our inspectors are. They are instructed according to GWO with all safety standards valid in the wind power industry and inspect safely also from the nacelle or are additionally qualified according to FISAT and inspect secured via rope access at particularly exposed locations. Our industrial climbers do not stop at other high structures either and regularly inspect container bridges and other heavily used structures.

The highest occupational safety requirements also apply in the wind power construction field. Let our SiGeKos or later our specialists for occupational safety take care of you. Just to be on the safe side