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Zeppelin AIS


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Aerial work platform operator training

In accordance with DGUV principle 308-008.

The 1-day training course is aimed at employees who work with mobile elevating work platforms. Your knowledge will be expanded in theory and practice in accordance with DGUV Principle 308-008.

Please let us know in advance which devices are suitable for you:

  • Vertical platform (1a)
  • Trailer and lorry access platform (1b)
  • Scissor lift (3a)
  • Self-propelled articulated and telescopic work platform (3b)

After successfully completing the examinations, participants receive an operator's licence, a certificate and a textbook.

We are also happy to check the personal protective equipment (PPE) before the practical training is carried out. Please contact us to arrange this in advance.

Flyer Hubarbeitsbühnen-Bedienerschulung

DGUV-V308-008_Hubarbeitsbühne_2022.pdf (699.7 KiB)

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